Lagoon Carpet Cleaning offers full service carpet cleaning services that also include many specialty services. One of the services that we offer is upholstery cleaning that is able to treat your couches, sofas, chairs and any other furniture that has upholstery attached to it. Our staff has been trained and has extensive experience in upholstery cleaning. This is a specialty service which means that the staff needs to be trained on how to do it as well as training on the machinery it takes. The equipment does attach to the standard carpet cleaning unit but the attachments are different and work differently as well. Lagoon Carpet Cleaning strives to give our customers the best experience possible and leave with the job done to their satisfaction. Adding upholstery cleaning to your carpet cleaning service is a great addition that has some wonderful added benefits.

Upholstery Cleaning Removes Dirt

If you have furniture in your home and you use it at all, it is dirty even if you don’t see obvious stains. The couches, sofas, loveseats and chairs are covered in some sort of upholstery. The cloth that is used is porous and will collect the stains, dirt and debris causing them to become dirty. People will use their couch to sit after a long day and before they had a shower. The elements from the outdoors will get on the couch leaving behind dirt and debris. Many people also sleep on the couch and the skin cells and sweat can end up on the couch as well. When you move the couches out for carpet cleaning you are moving out the dirt which will end back up in the room. Our professionals are able to use their expertise to remove all the foreign debris leaving the upholstery clean and smelling better.

Sofa Stain Removal

The upholstery is just like a shirt or a blanket. You would never use a blanket or wear a shirt without cleaning it. The same should go for your upholstery. It is a sturdier fabric but still susceptible to stains and dirt. You want to be sure that your upholstery is cleaned professionally and the stains that are sure to have set in are removed as well. Some of the stains also include spills from drinks as well as pet accidents as well. These can all be treated and removed.

Pet Hair & Dander Removal

Do you have a pet that seems to constantly want to spend time on the couch or sofa? They tend to want to sit on the couch and enjoy the comfort just like we all do. The problem is that the pet is going to have fur and dander that is going to come off and attach to the upholstery. It can take a long time to try and remove all the pet fur which is why hiring a professional to do it is a great idea.

Upholstery Sofa Cleaning in Malibu, California

Lagoon Carpet Cleaning is proud to offer much more than just carpet cleaning! If you have some upholstery that needs to be cleaned or one of our other specialty cleaning and restoration services, call Lagoon carpet Cleaning today!