Professional Deep Carpet Cleaning Malibu CA

At Lagoon Carpet Cleaning our expert technicians and carpet cleaning specialists understand that your carpet traps dirt just like an air filter and just like any air filter your carpet needs to be cleaned on a regular basis. Regular vacuuming removes surface dirt, but doesn’t get to the dirt trapped deep down in your carpet fibers. The professionals at Lagoon Carpet Cleaning use the highest quality truck mounted hot water extraction cleaning system to ensure that your carpet is clean and free of allergy causing dirt and dander. We also specialize in stain removal including pet urine, accidental spills and high traffic areas.

Along with our professional deep clean, the experts at Lagoon Carpet Cleaning recommend a carpet sealing system. Carpet sealing or stain resistant products such Scotchgard protect your carpet and upholstery from stains including pet stains such as urine and other accidents. A sealer or other stain resistant product will reduce the risk of any future stains from becoming permanent.

Professional Deep Upholstery Cleaning in Malibu CA

At Lagoon Carpet Cleaning, our skilled upholstey cleaning specialists are available to provide a professional cleaning that will refresh and extend the life of your furniture. Our cleaning products do not leave behind any sticky residue. We are experts when it comes to cleaning all types of fabrics from microfiber to cotton. Our cleaning processes are guaranteed to ensure maximum dirt and stain removal from your upholstered furniture. After your deep upholstery cleaning has been completed, our upholstery cleaning specialists recommend a sealant to increase your upholstery’s ability to resist staining and wear patterns. With regular upholstery cleaning and sealer applications your furniture will look brand new.

Professional Tile & Grout Cleaning & Sealing in Malibu California

At Lagoon Carpet Cleaning we proudly provide professional tile & grout cleaning services at an affordable price for residential homeowners and commercial business owners in Malibu and the surrounding areas. Our qualified tile & grout cleaning specialists strive to provide a beautifully sparkling clean floor that you can be proud of. Our experienced professionals use a cleaning system comprised of high power pressure combined with high heat to essentially blast the dirt, grime and grease out of your tile and grout. The dirt is then rinsed and extracted from your tile leaving behind a clean, sanitized and deodorized surface.

In addition to tile & grout cleaning, the experts at Lagoon Carpet Cleaning are also proficient at sealing the grout lines between your tiles to provide a protective barrier against stains. Grout sealing will extend the clean appearance of your grout and make regular cleaning easier. We use the highest standard of cleaning techniques available combined with the latest cleaning solutions to ensure your tile & grout is spottlessy clean!

Malibu Professional Water Damage Restoration Services

At Lagoon Carpet Cleaning we understand that accidents sometime happen. If your washing machine malfunctions, a pipe bursts or if water damage occurs from heavy rains we are by your side to help you recover and clean up the mess.
Our expert water damage restoration crews will handle your water emergency using our powerful truck mounted cleaning and extraction system combined with environmentally friendly cleaning products. Our water damage restoration professionals are experienced in disaster cleanup and will work with your insurance company and assist with filing claims. Our friendly staff can help guide you through the claims process while our qualified restoration technicians restore your home or business to its former glory.